• Neeley Hughey

Big T vs Little t

Big "T" trauma and little "t" trauma

Trauma is any disturbing event that infringes upon an individual’s sense of control and may reduce their capacity to integrate the situation into their current reality. When most people think about trauma, they tend to think about those who have seen combat, natural disasters, physical or sexual abuse, and catastrophic accidents. These are some of the most profound, and some may argue the most debilitating, experiences one can endure. However, a person does not have to undergo an overtly distressing event for it to affect them. An accumulation of smaller “everyday” or less pronounced events can still be traumatic, but in the small 't' form.

What impacts a person as a Big "T" or little "t" event has to do with past life experiences ,morals, values , expectations and coping strategies. What maybe Big "T" or Little "t " to one person may not effect someone else at all. We are all unique and we all have different life experiences.The lens in which we view life is unique to each individual.

If you have endured multiple little "t" traumas or big "T" trauma and are aware that it has impacted your life- there is hope.

EMDR combined with Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can reduce and in many cases eliminate trauma symptoms and PTSD.

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